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Frequently Asked Questions for Stairlift Buyers
Question 1
Will a Stairlift fit on my stairs?
To answer this we really need to do a site visit to look at your particular staircase and circumstances. Stairlifts can be installed on almost all staircases. Factors we have to consider include the width of the stairs, the height from the stairs to the bulkhead, the length, obstructions such as doors, availability of a power source, angle or steepness of the stairs and finally you, the stairlift user.Each Stairlift manufacturer makes slightly different Stairlifts which because we are not tied to one manufacturer means that we can choose the best solution for your specific needs.
Question 2 
Straight or curved Stairlift, which is right for me?
This depends on your staircase mainly but your needs and abilities can have an impact.
If you have a straight staircase with no curves or half-landings then a straight stairlift would seem to be the obvious choice.
If your staircase has curves or half-landings then you more than likely will require a curved stairlift, although if you have straight flights of stairs with landings between an option may be a straight stairlift fitted to each flight of stairs.
We will always advise you on your options either on the phone or during one of our free stairlift surveys.
Question 3
Will the Stairlift block my stairs for other non-stairlift using members of my family?
The short answer is no. Todays Stairlifts feature slimline design meaning that the seat, arms, and footplate all fold up neatly against the slim-line motor unit. This allows the rest of the household to gain access to the stairs.
Question 4
Can we have multiple users of the Stairlift?
To quote the man from Del Monte,    Yes!
Most stairlifts now have wireless remote control , which means that if the stairlift is upstairs and the second user downstairs, the other user then can call the stairlift back down or up whichever the case may be to allow him / her access to the stairlift.
Question 5
How much do Stairlifts cost?
Ballpark figures for straight stairlifts are between £1200 - £2000, depending on manufacturer and options specified such as powered swivel seat or powered folding hinge.
Curved stairlifts can be purchased from £3500, again, manufacturer, and your specific options can affect this.
A full site survey is required before a specific price can be given to you.
Question 4
Are Stairlifts noisy?
Modern DC battery stairlifts are very quiet and give a smooth ride.
Question 5
Do Stairlifts work in a power-cut?
Modern stairlifts with D.C. battery will continue to operate in the event of a power-cut; and can do around 15 - 20 trips up & down before recharging.
Question 6
Can I rent a Stairlift?
We offer rental stairlift plans for straight stairlifts only, with a minimum term of 3 months. This is subject to availability and a site survey.
Question 7
Does my Stairlift come with a Guarantee and can I purchase an extended Warranty?
All new stairlifts come with a minimum 12-month parts and labour warranty, some makes have 2 years parts warranty.
An extended warranty can then be purchased to cover you for 5 years. Servicing plans can also be combined with the warranty to give extra peace of mind.
Second hand stairlifts come with a 3 month warranty, extendable for a small consideration to 12 months
Question 8
What is the lead time between order and installation?
Straight stairlifts can be fitted within 3 - 7 days of order, sometimes quicker!
Curved stairlifts take longer, as following a detailed survey and drawing, the stairlift is manufactured to fit your specific staircase. The time scale for these is around 2 - 5 weeks depending on manufacturer.
Question 9
How long does Stairlift installation take?
Stairlift installation will usually take 2 - 4 hours, obviously, installation of a complex, or long, curved stairlift will take longer than a simple straight stairlift, once installed we will demonstrate all controls and ensure that you are confident to use the stairlift.
Question 10
Will my Stairlift need to be serviced?
We recommend that your Stairlift should have at least 1 annual or 12 Monthly inspection service. These service inspections should only be carried out by trained, qualified and competent persons.
Question 11
How can I tell if your stairlift company is reputable?
We offer only first class workmanship along with outstanding customer care satisfaction and the ability to offer excellent service to our clients. We are also an approved supplier to some local authorities and carry up to £5 million public liability insurance. We are also happy to provide testimonials from our many delighted customers.
Question 12
What if I cant sit down?
In this case, you may be able to use a perching, or standing, stairlift option which is designed so you can ride on the unit standing up
Question 13
What maximum weight can a stairlift carry?
The Safe Working Load (SWL) for most stairlifts is between 18 Stone/120Kg and 22 stone/133kg. However we are now able to offer a stairlift that can carry up to 200kg (31 1/2 st).
Question 14
Do you offer buy back for my stairlift?
We will generally buy back a Stairlift that we have supplied, however the price paid will depend on the age and condition of the unit. The other thing to bear in mind is that a curved stairlift track will not be able to be re-used as it has been made specifically for you and as such will have little value.
Question 15
How do Stairlifts work?
Most modern stairlifts use rack and pinion drive, this means that the motor,via the gearbox unit, runs a pinion gear. The pinion gear engages with the rack which is attached along the length of the track, thereby providing traction. Power for the motor comes from DC batteries which are kept topped up from the mains.
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