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A guide to help if you have a problem with your stairlift.
   Always follow the manufacturers instructions
  Modern stairlifts are very reliable, but as with any mechanical or electrical equipment faults can occur and usually at the most inconvenient time. We have produced the following  guide, so that you can rule out most simple faults before calling an engineer.
  Although there are numerous makes and models of stairlift most have similar design features such as switches, seat swivel, safety edges etc that require checking in the event that the lift does not work.
  1: Check that lift is turned on. (Normal lights and display lit)
 Most lifts will have a main power button in the form of an on/off switch on the main power(motor) unit or on the arm of the seat.
 In addition to this some also have a key switch, make sure that this is also in the "on"   position.
 As most lifts are now battery operated check that the charger is also turned on, if the charge   in  the batteries falls too low they may not recover and will require replacing.
  2: Lift is on but will not move.
   Some lifts now have an LED display that will give an indication of where the fault may be, if this is the case check the display and look in the owners manual for an indication of what the code on the display means.
   Check that the seat is correctly locked in the normal travel position.
   Check all of the safety edges. `Most lifts will have a floating platform below the footplate this is a safety edge and will stop the lift if moved, check that it is free. In addition to the footplate there are safety edges on the main motor unit, sometimes in the form of a flap that moves and in some cases the whole motor cover moves to operate safety switches, once again check that they move freely and have not  activated the switches and stuck in that position.
   Some lifts have safety switches that operate if the seat arm is raised, check that the arms are lowered into the correct position. 
  3: Check to see if the lift will work on the remote control.
   If the normal toggle switch on the seat is defective the lift may operate with the remote control.
  4: If the lift has additional features such as a hinged track, check that the track is in the  closed  position
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