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Portable Appliance Testing
UK Equipment Services offer Portable Appliance testing for Businesses and Rental Property
In order to comply with
  1. Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994
  2. Plugs and SocketsRegulations 1994
Landlords renting out property or Businesses with low voltage electrical appliances (50v - 1000v ac or 75v – 1500v dc) have to ensure that equipment is safe i.e. that there is no risk as far as is practically possible of death or personal injury to any person, domestic animal, or damage to property. Further guidance can be obtained from the HSE
The easiest way to comply with the regulations is to have the equipment tested by a competent person; failure to comply could result in prosecution with a penalty of a £5000 fine, six months imprisonment, or both.
We are able to provide testing by a suitably qualified person, with all tests carried out in line with the IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) guidelines.
We provide the following documentation:
1)      A register of all equipment
2)      A record of formal combined inspections and tests
3)     A repair register
4)      A register of faulty equipment
5)      Labelling of all equipment inspected and tested.
As well as providing peace of mind, with ongoing testing, the registers will highlight equipment that is missing and equipment that is being misused thereby saving on replacement costs when you re-let.
Testing carried out at a time that is convenient to you (including evenings or weekends by arrangement).
Competitive rates, we will match any genuine quotation on a like for like basis.
We are also able to offer safety tests for microwave ovens, this will involve testing for microwave leakage as well as the normal tests carried out as part of the PAT inspection and test for electrical safety.
We look after things so you don’t have to.
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