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Microwave Testing Fact sheet
The microwave is possibly one of the best inventions for busy people. Allowing us to cook food in a fraction of the time it would take in a conventional oven, the microwave has made cooking simple for millions of people worldwide. However, the amount of radiation we are exposed to in our day-to-day lives has become a worry for many people.
How Microwaves Work
Microwave ovens heat food by sending out waves that cause the water molecules in a food item to vibrate rapidly, this creates the energy as heat to cook the food. Ideally, the waves are contained within the microwave because the door is closed.
Problems arise when living skin tissue is exposed to these waves. This type of radiation is only present while the microwave is running and if it has a leak. This leak is undetectable to the human eye, as microwaves are colourless and odourless.
Microwave Radiation Health Concerns
The radiation from your microwave can cause potentially serious health problems.
These problems include:
Skin Cancer, Cataracts, Dizziness and Headaches, Blood Disorders, Temporary Sterility in Men
Unfortunately, the studies that have been done to determine the "safe" levels of exposures to microwave radiation tested subjects exposed to a high level of radiation for a relatively short period of time. The effect of low-level exposure over several decades is unknown.
How to Avoid Dangerous Microwave Exposure?
Research conducted by microwave repair servicemen indicates that over 50% of microwaves which are at least two years old leak around 10% higher radiation levels than what is recommended by the FDA. If you do have a microwave that more than two years old, have it tested to see whether it is safe to use.
UK Equipment Services Microwave Leakage Testing
We offer the following three levels of safety checks for your microwave:
                                                       Bronze              Silver            Gold
Microwave leakage test                                  •                              •                 •
Operation test                                                                                       •                 •
Thermal test  Combination Ovens)                                              •                 •
Enclosure test                                                                                      •                 •
Door opening sequence test                                                           •                 •
Door seal continuity test                                                                 •                 •
Door seal foreign matter test                                                          •                 •
Power /Efficiency test                                                                                          
Electrical safety test                                                                                             
Following a test, the microwave will be marked with a pass/fail label and a copy of the certificate together with the reports/logs as appropriate.
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