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Ceiling Track Hoist Sales

We  specialise in surveying and fitting high quality ceiling track hoists. We are proud to be agents for BHM and offer their full range from the V3 portable track hoist and V4 ceiling track hoist. We also offer the V10 Bariatric hoist. Please call us for a no obligation survey and quote.
The V4 Hoist

The V4 Track hoist is available from £POA. Please call us for a no obligation quote.


Why  choose a track hoist

  • Resolves manual handling issues - eliminates risk of back injury to carers.

  • Person being lifted feels more secure -smoother operation

  • Convenience- It's never in the way and always there when you need it

  • Can lift higher and lower than a mobile hoist.

  • It does not take up floor space - suitable in restricted areas.

  • Not affected by flooring types.

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